Ella, the painting


Ella stands tall and regal, a majestic elephant adorned with the vibrant garlands of an Indian bride. Just like the elephant, a creature renowned for its enduring memory, Ella embodies the essence of tradition and the wisdom of our shared histories.

In her graceful presence, we are reminded of the rich tapestry of customs that have shaped us. Traditions passed down through generations, like the vibrant petals that adorn her, have their place and importance. They form the backdrop to life's grand procession, each step resonating with the echoes of time-honoured melodies.

In my depiction Ella, with her stately gait, leads the wedding procession. She symbolizes the guidance of tradition, as it ushers us forward into new beginnings. She invites us to dance to the rhythms of our own hearts, to compose our own songs, and to paint our own stories on the canvas of existence.

We too can draw upon the wellspring of wisdom within our own traditions and choose which notes to include in our unique wedding march, creating a harmonious melody of our own design. Ella's presence serves as a reminder that while tradition provides a guiding light, we hold the baton to conduct the music of our own lives. With every step we take, we have the opportunity to create a dance as beautiful and unique as Ella's radiant garlands.

May you find inspiration in her elegance, and may her presence remind you that while the past is our foundation, the future is ours, and we can paint it with the colours of our own creation.

 Painted: 14 June 2020

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