How to Heal Mind, Body & Soul: in 5 easy steps


  1. A strong willpower.
  2. An imagination.
  3. Doing this alone is not advised - having someone assist you with step one during your healing process can be invaluable.

Our minds are complex, protective mechanisms. They shield us from what we may not yet be ready to confront.


We all carry years of experiences buried deep within our minds, often surfacing at the most unexpected moments. These buried emotions can have a significant impact on our lives.

This exercise, which spans just over a week, holds the potential to transform your perspective profoundly. However, I'd advise approaching it with caution, as it explores uncharted territories of the mind.


Step One: Embrace the Illusion of Free Will

Begin by acknowledging an intriguing paradox: we do not possess free will. This belief will be a cornerstone of this journey.

Step Two: Embrace Design Over Mistake

Recognize that every choice, every action, every word you've ever spoken has unfolded by grand design. There are no wrong turns—only those leading you precisely where you needed to be. Go on, forgive yourself; it's an essential step towards growth.

Step Three: Extend Forgiveness

Extend this forgiveness to others as well. Those you feel may have wronged you were, in their own way, catalysts for your growth. Thank them, even if it's a silent appreciation in your mind.

Step Four: Maintain Awareness

Remember steps two and three. As you navigate through life's challenges and opportunities, these insights can serve as your compass.

Step Five: Reclaim Your Free Will

Reclaim your belief in free will. These steps are like chapters of a book—important in your journey but not the entire story. Your understanding has the potential to evolve, and provide you with a deeper awareness of your inner power.


In embracing the complexities of your mind, you unlock the potential for true freedom, a solid foundation on which to build. This journey is an invitation to explore the boundless capabilities of the human spirit, and to forge the journey within yourself in order to discover your true magic.


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