Katy Rio, the painting

Katy Rio

Katy Rio: The Unfinished Empress

Katy Rio, a radiant presence in the KGU Collection, began her journey as an Egyptian princess and gracefully transformed into the Empress herself.

During the creation of Katy Rio, a unique and heartwarming story unfolded. At a certain juncture in the painting process, my daughter gazed upon her and insisted that she remain precisely as she was—unfinished. At that moment, Katy Rio, in all her unrefined glory, embodied perfection through my daughter's eyes.

This revelation illuminated a powerful truth. While I perceived Katy Rio as incomplete, my daughter saw a different kind of beauty—one that thrived in uniqueness, exuded confidence, and remained unburdened by the judgments of others.

In her resolute, unfinished state, Katy Rio stands tall, a testament to self-assuredness and authenticity. She serves as a reminder that true beauty transcends conventional standards and that embracing your uniqueness can be a profound form of self-expression.

May her regal presence inspire you to cherish your own uniqueness, recognizing that within it lies a distinctive and enchanting beauty of its own. 

Painted 5 November 2021
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