Liminal, the painting


In the tapestry of life, sometimes we encounter challenges that require a different kind of strength—a quiet, internal fortitude, one bathed in kindness, compassion, and gentle resilience. My painting, "Liminal," is a visual representation of this profound inner strength, a testament to the human spirit's ability to transform adversity into growth.

The image of my daughter, caught in a vulnerable moment with a cigarette dangling from her lips, speaks to the complexities of life's trials. Instead of facing these challenges with sheer force or stubborn determination, we find power in embracing them with tenderness, much like a gentle caress to the soul.

In the KGU Tarot deck, the Strength card embodies the essence of this gentle yet unwavering strength. It teaches us that true power isn't always about brute force but emerges from the depths of our core, fuelled by a belief in ourselves.

The quiet strength represented by the Strength card reminds us that the challenges we face in life are opportunities for growth. Instead of battling against them, we can harness our inner compassion, softening the edges of our resistance, and thus allowing us to face these challenges with grace.

To apply this lesson in your own life, consider the challenges you face. Approach them with an open heart and a kind, compassionate spirit. Embrace the notion that your gentleness can coexist with your resilience. Believing in yourself and your capacity to grow through these experiences is the key to unlocking your inner strength.

Luminal’s message resonates in the quiet moments of self-compassion, the gentleness that you offer to yourself, and the strength that emerges from this profound acceptance. Face life's trials with grace and resilience, transforming them into opportunities for growth.

This painting embodies the notion that there's strength in vulnerability, resilience in gentleness, and profound growth in facing challenges with an open heart.

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