Unconditional Love, the painting

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love: A Journey Within

Unconditional Love is my first painting, and marks the inception of my creative odyssey, a transformative journey that released my mind onto a canvas.

She serves as a powerful reminder that we possess the innate ability to align ourselves with our true purpose precisely when the moment arrives.

With her maiden voyage and with time, she helped me unearth a new realm within myself.

I named her Unconditional Love, and she represents not merely an emotion, but rather the profound expedition we embark upon deep within ourselves. In the pursuit of unconditional love, we peel back the enigmatic layers of our own existence.

She gracefully rests atop a Lotus flower, a blossom symbolizing purity and enlightenment, unfurling its petals solely in the presence of the sun.

Yet, within this canvas, I unearthed more than love; I discovered an ancient wisdom that transcends the constraints of time. It often remains concealed in plain sight, eclipsed, misidentified, and misunderstood. This wisdom impels me to share its timeless secret with you.

Quiet your mind. Can you hear it too?

Painted: 25 May 2019

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