PREMIUM CANVAS PRINTS Premium stretched canvas prints provide a beautifully soft, warm and modern feel to your space, making them the perfect addition to any home. The print is high resolution and printed on ColourPro artist’s canvas. The silky matt satin canvas allows for a stunning, vivid colour reproduction. Your print is then expertly hand stretched over a 44mm thick Superwood frame, which includes a solid 3mm Superwood backing board. Frames supplied with hanging accessories.

MOUNTED GALLERY PRINTS Mounted Gallery Prints are a great alternative to traditional style stretched canvas prints. Rather than stretching your print over a deep set frame, it is printed onto a stunning silky satin vinyl, which is then pressure mounted to a slim, 10mm thick, high density PVC board. This option is versatile, in that it can be mounted on your wall as is, providing a sleek modern finish, or it can be mounted in an existing picture frame. All mounted gallery prints are supplied with mounting tape for easy installation.

ACRYLIC PRINTS Acrylic prints, also known as Perspex prints, produce a beautiful glass like finish suitable to any modern space. Your print is printed in high resolution onto a long lasting polymeric film, and then reverse mounted to a 3mm optically clear acrylic sheet. A white polymeric film backing allows the colours to simply pop through the face of the acrylic, creating a wonderful 3D effect. All acrylic prints are supplied with mounting tape for easy installation.


ALUMINIUM PRINTS Aluminium prints provide a beautiful metallic sheen to your print, creating an iridescent reflective colour effect. Your print is printed onto a transparent layer of film, then laminated with an additional protective film for a silky satin finish. The print is then pressure applied to a 3mm sheet of brushed silver aluminium composite board, also known as DiBond. This amazing product is perfectly suited to delivering a gallery style showpiece for your home. All aluminium prints are supplied with mounting tape for easy installation.


 CONTEMPORARY FRAME Your print is printed in high resolution on high quality fine art paper. A white matting of 60mm is added around your print to create a wonderfully traditional art piece. Your print is mounted to a 3mm, high density foam board, and covered with a 3mm optically clear Plexiglas face. It is then expertly framed in a choice of two colours, a slightly glossy modern white finish, or a dark satin black finish. Frames supplied with hanging accessories.