KGU Tarot

Journey with Jacob

Join us as we proudly unveil the artistic journey in the creation of Kalayvanie’s Guide to the Universe Major Arcana Tarot deck.

Each week we unveil a card from Kalayvanie’s Guide to the Universe (KGU) Tarot deck. Each painting within the KGU collection is a Major Arcana in the KGU deck.

Meet Jacob, the charismatic Fool, as he sets forth on an extraordinary Fool's Journey. With each stride through the Major Arcana, Jacob unveils the identity of the painting within the KGU Tarot deck. Our accompanying blog narrates his transformative odyssey.

Experience the excitement of a fresh KGU deck design as we reveal all 22 Tarot card designs.

The FoolThe MagicianHigh PriestessThe EmpressThe EmperorThe Hierophant


The Chariot