The Fools Journey

Journey with Jacob as he embarks on 
The Fools Journey 

A Journey of Transformation

Life's path unfolds in a mosaic of experiences, each moment unique and transformative. In this ever-shifting tapestry, Tarot emerges as a guiding light, offering insights into the profound dance of existence. Tarot's Minor Arcana unveils the details of our days, while the Major Arcana paints the strokes of our destiny. The Major Arcana's Fools Journey is where my Guide to the Universe finds inspiration, inviting you to explore boundless possibilities and embrace your own evolution. 

The Fool

Our journey begins with the Fool.

 As Jacob takes the leap of faith into the unknown, his essence embodies innocence, spontaneity, and the thrilling initiation of a new adventure. He is excited, inspired and free.

The Fool signifies the onset of significant new beginnings, a fresh career path, a new home, the welcoming of a new life.

Grab each new beginning as though it were the only one you will ever have. Face the sun and take the leap of faith, uncomfortable as it may be. Trust that you'll be led precisely to where destiny beckons, provided with all that's necessary for the path ahead. Step into the dawn of this new era with the confidence that what lies ahead is perfectly aligned with your destiny. Every step you take is the right one. And guided by faith instead of fear, a realm of endless possibilities is illuminated.

As the Fool, you possess the power of the moment. When you invest in the now, everything else falls into place.

The Magician
Jacob’s inspiration invokes the Magician.

And because he holds no fear, he is able to step into the mindset of being at the steering wheel of his own life. The Magician serves as Jacobs mentor and guide - he is dynamic, capable, enigmatic and commanding. The Magician represents our masculine energy and the mastery of the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire - our material world, emotions, intellect and passions.

The Magician whispers a secret: you have everything that you require to create what it is that you desire. The key lies within you.

As you awaken your inner Magician, the boundary between what you can achieve, and what you actually achieve dissolves into nothingness.

It is only with the potent elixir of confidence that you create the catalyst that transforms intentions into reality. With each deliberate action, you wield the Magician's wand, orchestrating the symphony of your reality.

It is a symphony that thrives on belief—a belief in yourself, a belief in magic—a belief in a possibility that you cannot conceive of yet. You're on the brink of a world where possibilities are as infinite and as magical as the cosmos.
High Priestess

Jacob receives these teachings and is guided from the tangible world of the Magician to the realm of profound influences and secret mysteries of the High Priestess.

She embodies the essence of our feminine energy and is the Gatekeeper of our intuition. While she, too, is a mentor and guide, she stands in stark contrast to the Magician. If he is the embodiment of light and awareness, she is the embodiment of the shadowy depths of our subconscious.

As Jacob shares the wisdom gained from the Magician with her, he expresses his need to learn how to wield this newfound knowledge.

In response, the High Priestess imparts her timeless wisdom. She advises Jacob to quiet his mind and to place his trust in his own intuition. In her serene presence lies the key to unlocking the deep well of intuitive understanding that flows within him. She gently reminds him that not everything real is visible to the eye and assures him that all the answers he seeks will be unveiled at precisely the right moment.

In the realm of a quieted mind, fears find themselves silenced. It's entirely natural to experience fear, but succumbing to it can magnify circumstances and obscure the soft whispers of the future—your future. Within us resides a profound power, a hidden key that unlocks a realm containing all the answers we seek. This realm is where intuition reigns supreme, a sanctuary reserved for those who trust in the mysteries of the unknown.

As you learn to trust your inner guide, fear transforms into a figurative Chihuahua nipping at your ankles—persistent yet ultimately harmless. Embracing your inner wisdom opens the door to a paradise untouched by the echoes of fear, a tranquil sanctuary where the whispers of the future are clear and the possibilities are just beyond your imagination.

The Magician and the High Priestess are Jacobs own masculine and feminine aspects.

As Jacob journeys on, he meets the external embodiment of both these archetypes, the Empress and the Emperor.

The Empress

Jacobs first encounter with love materializes in the form of the Empress.

The Empress embodies the boundless energy of unconditional love, revealing to Jacob that life is a garden ripe with endless possibilities.

In her aura, Jacob senses the energy of fertility and growth. It's as though the universe itself is pregnant with ideas and opportunities, patiently waiting to be birthed into existence. This moment stands as a testament to the incredible power that creation holds.

In the presence of the Empress, Jacob feels the warm protective embrace of creativity and love. This energy promises bountiful rewards for his creative endeavors.

But the Empress's wisdom extends beyond creative pursuits. She reminds Jacob that nurturing extends to himself and others. Self-love and compassion are the fertile soil from which all great things grow. In nurturing himself, Jacob becomes a well of love and support for those around him.

The Empress imparts her timeless message to Jacob, 'Nurture, and and your rewards will be boundless.'

In every fleeting moment, the universe offers you the opportunity to birth new ideas, to nurture your passions and to let love guide your actions. These opportunities are like seeds of potential, waiting for your tender care and nourishment to transform them into reality.

This is the moment to embark on new projects, to sow the seeds of innovation, and to watch them blossom into beautiful manifestations.

By establishing a foundation rooted in love and planting your aspirations within it, all that you nurture will inevitably flourish. While some blooms may take longer than others, you'll always have the most resplendent flowers in your garden of life.

As Jacob continues his Fool's Journey, the Empress's message lingers—a constant reminder that in every moment, the universe offers us the opportunity to birth new ideas, to nurture our passions, and to let love guide our actions.

The Emperor

Jacob, amidst a sea of information, seeks structure to give form to his creative visions.

It's in this quest that he encounters the Emperor, a powerful presence radiating an aura of authority and wisdom.

The Emperor possesses a unique brand of magic, founded on unwavering self-belief and a deep well of empathy and dedication. His strength is rooted in his profound connection with himself and his ability to harness life's opportunities.

In Jacob's tutelage under the Emperor, he learns the art of mapping out his desires, a process that not only unravels the mysteries of his aspirations but also unveils facets of his own character. The Emperor becomes a guiding light, showing Jacob the path to understanding both himself and his ambitions.

Approaching challenges with empathy for self and others can lead to remarkable growth. We too can harness the magic of self-confidence and experience the transformative power of self-love that can serve as a guiding light for others.

Capture your thoughts and dreams in writing, allowing you to structure and manifest them into reality. Writing down your ideas can be the first step toward turning them into tangible, beautiful creations.

In the company of the Empress and Emperor, Jacob discovers the profound nature of love, the nourishment of the soul, and the significance of self-belief. Together, they assume the roles of nurturing parents, bestowing upon Jacob the wisdom he needs to forge ahead on his journey.

As he bids farewell to the safety of his former self, Jacob carries with him the invaluable teachings of the Empress and Emperor, ready to face the uncharted territory that lies ahead.

The Hierophant 

With Jacob's next step forward, he encounters the Hierophant.

When Jacob meets the Hierophant, he finds himself standing at the threshold of education and organized belief systems, a world rich in arcane knowledge and ancient mysteries.

This encounter marks Jacob's first step into the realm of structured learning and the collective wisdom that surrounds him.

The Hierophant invites Jacob to delve into this deep well of knowledge, to seek answers, and to grasp a more profound understanding of the intricate dynamics at play within the collective consciousness.

As the Hierophant gently guides Jacob through this new chapter, he encourages Jacob to question established rules and restrictions, to challenge any limited beliefs that might have restricted his growth. Together, they explore the vast tapestry of human understanding, weaving a stronger sense of purpose that will shape Jacob's journey.

It's within the auspices of the Hierophant that Jacob begins to assemble the building blocks of his aspirations and lay the foundation for his future goals.

Jacob's journey with the Hierophant is a significant step toward deeper understanding and self-discovery.

As you embark on your own path, embrace the knowledge that surrounds you, question your limiting beliefs, and build a strong foundation for your future. This is your opportunity to seek wisdom, both ancient and new, as you continue to shape your unique journey.


In the quiet of a moonlit night, Jacob's journey unfolds, and he stands at the crossroads of his own destiny.

It's a place we've all found ourselves at one time or another, where choices loom large and the path we take shapes our future. For Jacob, the decision isn't easy, for he's come a long way in cultivating his sense of self. Sharing his life with another, embarking on a path filled with the beautiful complexities of love, is a leap into the unknown.

This moment is a testament to Jacob’s growth, his resilience, and his courage. Yet, it's essential to recognize that even amidst his growing self-assuredness, there's still much to learn.

By choosing love, Jacob not only opens his heart to another but also extends the warmth of love to himself. It's a dance of reciprocity, where the love he offers echoes back into his soul.

To invoke the Lovers, Jacob understands that his unwavering love for himself is the guiding force that harmonizes this union.

The message is clear – love and self-love are intertwined. If you find yourself at your own crossroads, debating whether to share your journey with someone else, remember this: love begins within. Cultivate a profound relationship with yourself. Embrace your uniqueness and love yourself unconditionally.

It's from this foundation of self-love that you can enter any relationship, be it with a partner, friend, or the world itself. Be open to the beauty of love in all its forms, but never forget that your love for yourself is the most potent force of all.

 The Chariot

Once Jacob discovers the many ways in which love manifests in his life, things speed up.

Fueled by the force of love, Jacob forges ahead with the Chariot, embodying the essence of determination, drive, and relentless focus. He becomes well-versed in the qualities of competitiveness and the art of assertiveness in the pursuit of his dreams.

Yet, amidst this whirlwind of progress and self-discovery, Jacob remains rooted in a deep understanding. He comes to realize that the true reward isn't solely in the achievement of his goals; it's found within life itself. The journey is a testament to his unwavering persistence and enduring belief.

In the Chariot, Jacob experiences life as a wondrous dance with the rhythms of nature. This symbolism offers a vital lesson - that success is not only about reaching the destination but also about embracing the voyage, the growth, the evolution.

Embrace your life's journey with the determination and fierce love represented by the Chariot. As you set your sights on your goals, remember that the pursuit itself holds invaluable experiences and lessons.

Compete not against others but against your own limitations. Stand assertively in the face of challenges, harnessing your inner strength to overcome obstacles. The Chariot's energy encourages you to steer your life with unwavering conviction and trust in your abilities.

Ultimately, know that in your pursuit of success, it's the profound journey that shapes you and holds the true treasure. Dance with the flow of nature, recognizing that the path you tread is as important as the destination. Triumph over adversity, and let love guide your way.


As Jacob's journey unfolds, he encounters Strength, an embodiment of the paradoxical power of tenderness, resilience, and personal growth.

This transformative phase tests his mettle, challenging him to confront the formidable beasts that inhabit the labyrinth of life.

Strength symbolizes Jacob's first true challenge. He discovers that true strength isn't necessarily defined by brute force. Instead, it emerges when one exercises mastery over the mind's turbulence, transmuting fear into fortitude.

Jacob's experiences reveal that some of life's most intimidating challenges can only be tamed through pure kindness and warmth. The gentleness he employs doesn't weaken him; rather, it forms a resilient core, allowing him to face adversities with grace and tenacity.

Jacob's journey is a testament to the strength found in unwavering belief. He recognizes that faltering isn't an option on his path, and this conviction empowers him to meet any challenge with the assurance that he can overcome it.

As he progresses, Jacob revisits the metaphysical realm armed with the profound knowledge he has gathered along the way. He understands the potency of a quieted mind, a tranquil space where the storm of doubts and fears recedes. Here, he delves into the wellspring of his inner strength, recognizing that true power arises not from exertion but from the peaceful acceptance of self.

Embrace the idea that true power lies in quieting the mind and mastering the art of self-compassion. As life's challenges arise, meet them with tenderness, allowing your gentleness to coexist with unwavering resolve.

Tame life's beasts with kindness and foster a gentle yet resilient spirit. Have faith in your capacity to navigate the labyrinth of existence, understanding that every challenge is an opportunity for growth. When you meet adversity with grace, you manifest the true essence of strength—the delicate yet unyielding power from within.


As Jacob delves into the introspective world of The Hermit, he immerses himself in the contemplative world of the solitary sage.

This moment grants him the gift of time and space, a sacred sanctuary for seeking wisdom within his soul.

In the quiet, gentle glow of candlelight, the Hermit guides Jacob to release his grasp on the material world and to reach for the inner sanctum of his spiritual well-being. It's a journey to unlock the truths that a quiet mind holds.

Jacob immerses himself in contemplation, allowing the silent whispers of his soul to incubate profound insights. Here he discovers the strength and tranquility that solitude can bring.

Jacob nurtures the light of his inner enlightenment as the beacon that guides him on his way.

As you tread your own path of self-discovery, cherish the tranquility of solitude. The deep wisdom you encounter in the stillness of your own thoughts is a powerful source of enlightenment.

Use it to guide your journey and illuminate the truths concealed within the inner sanctum of your heart.

Embrace your gentle lantern of inner knowing; it will guide you through the labyrinthine corridors of your soul, illuminating the path to self-discovery.


Fortunes Wheel

The road ahead may be rife with complicated twists and mystical turns, but as Jacob enters the energy of the Wheel of Fortune, he can look back over his life and see that life presents as a series of ever-changing cycles encouraged by fate and destiny.

Within each cycle Jacob observes the significant consequences resulting from his interaction with his physical world.

The Wheel of Fortune is a vivid reminder of the ceaseless motion of life's cycles and Jacob recognizes the constant movement, the intricate balance between highs and lows, and the ever-rotating phases of existence.

Jacob contemplates the idea that our lives resemble this grand wheel, forever spinning with change. The emotional spectrum of life, symbolizing the vivacious journey we all undertake, from introspection to fresh beginnings, ensures that we oscillate between various states of being.

In the midst of these revolutions, Jacob finds a peculiar comfort in the unpredictability of the wheel. It encourages him to acknowledge that life, with its kaleidoscope of experiences, is meant to be an ever-evolving voyage. And within this great wheel of fate and destiny, the role of each individual, including Jacob himself, becomes pivotal.

In every rotation of the wheel, he finds a chance for transformation and growth. The Wheel of Fortune teaches him that in life, nothing remains stagnant; instead, it's in perpetual motion, a dance that unfolds whether we're ready or not.

This profound realization empowers Jacob to accept the unpredictability and impermanence of life, reminding him that every twist of the wheel offers fresh opportunities, new experiences, and a chance to seize destiny.

As you journey through your own life's cycles, remember the wisdom that the twists and turns of life, although often unforeseen, are the threads that weave the tapestry of your unique story.

Embrace the constant motion of your personal wheel of fate and destiny, and find solace in the knowledge that each spin is an opportunity to luxuriate in your own existence.