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Art by Kalayvanie (Pty) Ltd

The Train

The Train

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A Spectacular Ride to Triumph

When the wheels of change begin to turn, prepare yourself for a journey into uncharted territories—a ride that promises to be nothing short of spectacular. As the darkness that once enveloped you dissipates, do not linger too long on the uncertainties that lie ahead. Instead, turn your focus to the invaluable companions who walk this path with you.

In my depiction, the train embarks on an extraordinary journey, its wheels racing ahead without the guidance of tracks. Leading with a bold red star and a tender heart representative of the boundless power of courage and love.

The Train, the Chariot in the KGU Tarot deck, embodies the very essence of triumph over limitations. Like a charioteer on a thrilling victory lap, it symbolizes unwavering determination, laser-sharp focus, and the indomitable power of your will. It's a reminder that in the grand symphony of life, you are the conductor of your destiny, steering forward with unparalleled drive.

All that is required of you is to relish the journey. Release the reins, trust in your chariot's direction, and let the exhilarating wind of change carry you forward.

Welcome the adventure that awaits, for it holds the promise of transformation and personal victory.

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