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Art by Kalayvanie (Pty) Ltd

When I Dream

When I Dream

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Imagine this: A trip to the moon, a magic carpet ride. A soothing forest walk, a companion at your side. Imagine a Zen Garden, a mirror to your soul. Imagine a journey, on a train that needs no track. And with the sun as your guide and your light as your legacy, reach out into your dreams, and root them firmly into reality.

As I painted her, my conviction in manifesting my future was unwavering. I was a maestro on most days, conjuring green robots and convenient parking spots with remarkable precision. And on days when I was a novice, red robots became intervals, offering a chance to gather my thoughts or to recalibrate my day. And waiting for a parking spot brought gratitude for the chance to cultivate patience; a distant spot an exercise opportunity, graciously provided by the universe.

My perception of manifestation has since experienced a profound transformation, from commanding the future, to perceiving it. And the art of manifesting is transmuting intentions into tangible realities. By harnessing the alchemy of my dreams, I unleash my inner power to create within a realm of boundless potential.

 This is the essence of Magic.

Painted: 1 October 2020

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